Symbolizing 200 Years of Insight and Influence

200 Years of Legacy

Influence and Insight

About Us

Empowering Global Leadership

Spanning centuries, our commitment to the well-being of over 7 billion humans is a testament to our resilience and dedication. Operating across generations necessitates discretion for both our members and our missions. In 2013, we launched the Department of Citizen Outreach to bridge the gap between us and the public, facilitating a transparent dialogue through various initiatives.

While our contributions may not be highlighted in history books, our influence is pervasive across every major global milestone. Our symbols, often misinterpreted, serve as markers of our involvement and guidance throughout history for those who seek the truth.

Our guidance ensures the human species thrives in harmony, acting as cogs in a larger mechanism aimed at enhancing the global condition.

Our Pillars of Belief

Foundational Principles

The Pyramid: Symbol of Freedom and Responsibility


Money, a path to freedom, must be pursued with the intention to foster goodness and prosperity for all, not as an end in itself.


Humanity progresses through self-improvement and enlightenment, guided by the elite coalition of the Illuminati.

The Light: Guiding Force for Humanity


An unseen force, believed to guide individuals towards success and fulfillment, communicating directly with humanity.

The Eternal: Our Timeless Influence


Humanity is part of a timeless design, where every individual's actions contribute to the shaping of our collective future.

Join Our Esteemed Network

Embark on a Path to Enlightenment

Dedication to the advancement of humanity is at the core of our beliefs. Through the Eternal Oath, members pledge their allegiance to the greater good, joining a network of world leaders, innovators, and visionaries committed to fostering global prosperity.

Path to Illuminati Membership

Our Fraternity

Meet Your Peers

piritual Enlightenment for Wealth and Power

Spiritual Enlightenment

The Path to True Wealth

Joining the Illuminati is a step towards spiritual enlightenment, empowering members with the knowledge and power to achieve wealth and success. Membership inquiries require a commitment to personal growth and dedication to the principles of our organization.


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