Illuminati Global Fraternity

Decoding Our Symbols

The Pyramid: Structure and Strength
The All-Seeing Eye: Wisdom and Watchfulness
The Eternal Light: Illumination and Energy
The Eternal Circle: Infinite Connectivity
The Crossed Keys: Guardians of Secrets
The Obelisk: Endurance and Remembrance
The Pendulum: Balance and Momentum
The Ouroborus: Cycle of Renewal
The Owl: Mystery and Knowledge
Gold: Purity and Wealth
Rhodium: Rarity and Value
Copper: Conductivity and Healing

Understanding Illuminati Symbols

Illuminati Symbol Guide

The enigmatic symbols of the Illuminati, found worldwide across various mediums, hold profound meanings. Misinterpretations have obscured their true significance. Here, we demystify these symbols, revealing their genuine interpretations and the wisdom they encapsulate.


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